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Welcome to the Sofrides Webshop!

Here you can find different Digit-LS products and extensions. Most products come in two versions: as a kit where you will get the electronics and the PCB and you will have to solder it yourself, and as an assembled device that is completely built up and works straight out of the box. If you have previous experience soldering PCBs with DIP-type ICs on it, you should not have a problem assembling a Digit-LS kit yourself. 

People who are new to the Digit-LS system, are advised to buy a Digit-LS Starterset which is also available with an optional LCD character display.


All items featured in the shop can be shipped through the European Union. Shipping fees are calculated automatically upon checkout, based on the amount of products you order and the delivery address. The webshop also shows a generic rate. If the system cannot find a suitable shipping rate, it will only show this generic rate. After sending the items, the balance (if any) of the shipping costs will be settled.

If you don't live in the EU, please use the shop inquiry form to find out what options we can offer you. Please state the items you want to order and the shipping address.


We accept PayPal. PayPal is safe and easy and protects you from malicious e-commerce practises. Don't have a PayPal account yet? You can sign up during the payment process of our webshop. With PayPal you can use your credit card and/or bank account to pay online, without showing the owners of the online shops you are buying from, any details about your bank records.

Other Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please use the shop's inquiry form to ask your question directly. Answers are normally given by email within one working day.

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